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Hello everyone! For some reason when it comes to wine I have periods in which I prefer a very specific style, does this happen to you? Well at the moment I am really into oaky chardonnays, and I HAVE to mention Bogle chardonnay! Barrel aged in American oak for 9 months, it shows a nose of green apple, pear and pineapple, and finishes with the deliciousness taste of butterscotch and vanilla, still balanced by a fresh acidity. DELICIOUS! And what is your wine of the moment? #bogle #chardonnay #oak #whitewine #wineofthemoment #leamingtonwine

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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Hi and welcome, I'm Callum, developer of Leamington Wine Co.'s Online website.

So far things seem to be running smoothly and thank you all that have already ordered on our website! There have been very few issues so far, however if you do have an issue, please let one of the team know and I will try to sort it out as soon as possible!

We would love to build up a bit more of a community here so feel free to sign up, blog yourself, comment on blogs and much more! Also remember, this is separate to the store log in as that is specifically to help you keep track of your favourite products.

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